Savings Budget template issue

I’m having an issue with the Savings Budget template from Tiller Labs.

I’m using the savings budget and it hasn’t been able to pickup new 2021 transactions yet this year. The data validation doesn’t have it within the options. I’ve updated to the latest SAvings Budget twice now hoping it would fix it. But 2021 isn’t available. How do I get the data validation / list to update to add 2021 as well as 2020? I’ve unhidden the columns to the right, yet when I add 2021 manually to the list below 2020 some areas of the sheet #ref out. any thoughts? Thanks!

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Hi @bryanpower1 ,
I think there might be a simple fix for this. Do you have the 2021 months in your Categories sheet? The data validation is based on what month columns you have in the Categories sheet. If you need to add columns, you can follow this guide:

Hope this helps! If not let me know.

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