Savings Budget Template does not have 2022 option

I am using the Savings Budget template, and there is no 2022 drop-down option to budget. I tried to investigate the hidden columns to add 2022, but it corrupts the references.

Does anyone know how to add 2022? Or will the template be updated soon?


Savings Budget is based off the Categories sheet, so you’ll need to either expand your Categories sheet and add the months of 2022 to it, or change the existing months from 2021 to 2022 (eg. change the cell that currently says ‘Jan 2021’ to ‘Jan 2022’). There was a recent webinar that talks more about how to do this, should be a posting from the last couple weeks.


Here’s the webinar link, for reference.

Get Your Money Ready for the New Year with Tiller

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Wonderful, thank you so much! This is my first ‘second year’ (new calendar year) as a Tiller user and I had no idea about what to do to get ready for the new year.


This link does not appear to be active. Is there another way to access this webinar?

Link works for me (now), @rolandandheather. Try again?