Savings Budget - How to Correctly/Safely Remove from Foundations Template

Hey everyone,

After unsuccessfully attempting to use the Savings Budget from TCS, I am trying to remove it. The following steps have been done:

  1. Named a version history of right before I started “Adjusting” the budget and committing changes.
  2. Made a copy of it, then went back to my original spreadsheet and hard-coded the original category amounts so that it would go back unaffected.
  3. Deleted the Savings Budget sheet
  4. Deleted the Budget Journal sheet
  5. Deleted the “Track” column in my Categories sheet (Savings/Debt Column)

Now, my question is: I want to just go back to what I had, but I still have the tool “Update Savings Budget” within my Community Solutions…is this everything? Can I survive with the tool just being there? Or is there an actual uninstall button because there was nothing in the documentation about how to remove it safely.

I just checked the code and it looks like the menu item should only appear if you have both the Savings Budget and Budget Journal sheets installed… though the information may be cached.

Can you reopen the add-on and see if it is still there?

I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. There is really no harm or performance degradation of having that button there.

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No worries! I just didn’t like that it commited changes to my Categories sheet, so I figured I could find a better way. No issues with the sheet, just not for me :smile:

Here is a screenshot of the Tiller Community Solutions extension menu. It did remove itself from the actual sidebar, but it is still showing up in my menu.


Update: I’m not that impacted by this, I just ignore it, but just thought it should be documented. :grin: