Changed Yearly Budget Formula

I’m new to Tiller and have been playing around getting my information in. I finally got to a point where I want to build a budget and start entering it on the Yearly Budget tab. Completely ignoring the obvious red writing at the top saying to enter budget on the Categories tab. After I realized my mistake, I copied the formula from other rows below where I did not overwrite the numbers to correct the formula. I then went to the Categories tab and started entering the budget. Now rows aren’t lining up. For example, the wages line item is pulling the budget from the commission line item. It’s only a few of them but I cannot figure out how to fix it. I tried recopying the formula but the info is still now lining up. How can I fix this?

Nevermind!! I figured out my issue. I had the Categories tab filtered and sorted. Once I removed the filter, all of the income and expenses started to line up on the yearly budget tab.

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Great resourcefulness, @nmfrisina, and welcome to the Tiller Community.