Comenity Mastercard?

Does anyone here have a Comenity Mastercard that they connect? Mine isn’t linked to any particular business, like Loft, Wayfair, etc, and I see a TON of other Comenity sites on the list of institutions, but nothing for just a general MC. I’m assuming that it’s just not available right now, but I wanted to make sure since I see all of those other versions!


Go to the Tiller Console, select Add Accounts, then in the Search Site field enter the website address you go to when accessing your online account. If nothing comes up, then it is not supported.

Can you provide a copy of the card (hide card number and any personal information) and the website? I am just curious as to what kind of a credit card you actually have. You can message me if you want.

See the following for more information.




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