Connecting two Tiller spreadsheets together?

Is there any way to connect two separate Tiller spreadsheets together? In other words, a value in one Tiller spreadsheet to connect over to another spreadsheet?

Specifically, I have two different spreadsheets. One for personal, one for my side business. I like that they are separate for all accounting/reporting. However, I’m wondering if there is a way to take the business “Net Worth” amount and link it to my Personal Balance sheet tab, so that I can see the value of the business there as well under Assets.

I can always add it by manual, but I would love the realtime updates if possible.

For this type of situation, I actually like to set up a third Tiller sheet:

  1. Business cash flow transactions
  2. Personal cash flow transactions
  3. All accounts – this will show your net worth across business and personal

This likely means disconnecting some accounts from your personal sheet that don’t inform the cash flow numbers – things like car loans, mortgages, retirement accounts, etc.

You can try out the IMPORTRANGE function in Google Sheets to bring a value or data range from one spreadsheet over to another.