Connecting two Tiller spreadsheets together?

Is there any way to connect two separate Tiller spreadsheets together? In other words, a value in one Tiller spreadsheet to connect over to another spreadsheet?

Specifically, I have two different spreadsheets. One for personal, one for my side business. I like that they are separate for all accounting/reporting. However, I’m wondering if there is a way to take the business “Net Worth” amount and link it to my Personal Balance sheet tab, so that I can see the value of the business there as well under Assets.

I can always add it by manual, but I would love the realtime updates if possible.

For this type of situation, I actually like to set up a third Tiller sheet:

  1. Business cash flow transactions
  2. Personal cash flow transactions
  3. All accounts – this will show your net worth across business and personal

This likely means disconnecting some accounts from your personal sheet that don’t inform the cash flow numbers – things like car loans, mortgages, retirement accounts, etc.

You can try out the IMPORTRANGE function in Google Sheets to bring a value or data range from one spreadsheet over to another.


Yes, you can connect two separate Tiller spreadsheets by using Google Sheets’ IMPORTRANGE function. This function allows you to pull data from one spreadsheet into another. Simply input the IMPORTRANGE function in your Personal Balance sheet tab, specifying the range and URL of your business spreadsheet’s “Net Worth” amount. This way, you’ll see the business’s value updated automatically, providing real-time updates without manual intervention. This ensures your personal balance sheet reflects the most current information from your side business spreadsheet.

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:wave:, @jon.r.neal Have you tried using importrange?

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