Migrating Tiller Excel Workbooks to Sheets

I read some of your/ google explanation to convert excel spreadsheet to google sheet.
In my case, i using 5 excel spreadsheets. I would like to convert one by one to google sheets .
also when i login to tiller console and creating a goole account, somewhere i will prompt to sign in with google account that i have?, as for today i login and use Microsoft Excel logins (for tiller, on my 5 Excel spreadsheets).
my question is the easy way ( just to confirm).

  1. unlink one spreadsheet of excel, and create with tiller consul a new google sheet ?
  2. copy past transaction/ categories from excel that unlink to the new google sheet?
  3. and the money add will work on my google sheet?

Are any video or step by step walk through this conversation from excel spreadsheets to google spreadsheets? Sorry i am not advanced, but i must do it , since i like tiller, i came from QuickBooks to tiller, life it easy, but definitely need some skills .
thanks a lot


Hi @zvi728 - yes you can just unlink one spreadsheet from the Tiller Console to make room for a Google Sheet.

We recommend that you copy/paste Transactions if they’re categorized from the Excel workbook into the Google Sheets version’s transactions sheet.

You don’t need to log in with a Google account to use/create Google Sheets with Tiller. You can continue to log in with your Microsoft login - this is just the login for Tiller’s service.

This help guide (Migrate your financial data between spreadsheets | Tiller Help Center) is the best resource for migrating between spreadsheets. If you’re not too far invested, you can also just start fresh in a Google Sheet rather than trying to copy stuff over from an Excel workbook.

I think you are talking about trying to work around the 5 spreadsheet limit, @zvi728. That won’t really be too much of an issue. If you know you are going to deprecate the Excel sheets unlinking them isn’t too dangerous. So long as you keep the credentials current, new transactions and balances will continue to fill for all linked institutions.

Depending on the amount of enrichment you have done of the Tiller data in Excel— e.g. have you changed descriptions, added notes, manual transactions… or have you just categorized the data— you might find that a better approach is to:

  1. Unlink the Excel workbooks.
  2. Create a new Foundation Template or (several) and pull in all account data from the start of Tiller’s account history.
  3. Import the categorized Transactions sheet from Excel as a new sheet in the new Foundation Template with a name like “Transactions From Excel”.
  4. Then create a formula to copy categories from the imported “Excel” sheet into the new Sheets Transactions sheet. I would recommend using the Transaction Id as a unique key. The formula would looks something like this:
    ={"Category";arrayformula(iferror(vlookup(K2:K,{'Transactions From Excel'!K2:K,'Transactions From Excel'!D2:D},2,false)))}
    You would need to delete everything in the Categories column of your new Transactions sheet and put this formula in the header. You would need to point K2:K to your Transaction Id column in the new Foundation Template Transactions sheet, 'Transactions From Excel'!K2:K to your Transaction Id column in the imported (Excel) Transactions sheet, and 'Transactions From Excel'!D2:D to your Category column in the imported (Excel) Transactions sheet.
  5. Copy all of your Categories column and paste over the formulas as values.

Hope this helps.

Good morning Mr. Randy
I have a question about Google sheet that started. I have a hard time to create a drop down list that depending on the category ,for subcat-on my Google spreadsheets, undirect on excel that i have working good(but I am trying on a new sheet of Google), the reason that I tried Google sheets. I saw some of the sheets that you have in Google, but not on the regular Excel.
Do you have any subcategory formula that I open on my spreadsheet in google after the category column with a drop-down like for example category out the expense and the sub category gas/ parking toll?
I’m using Tiller for a rental property (multiply companies ),I try to adapt from QuickBooks to Tiller. If I find difficult on Google, I probably will go back to excel , unlink this Google sheet, (go back to my existing that I unlink before from excel).

My second question do you have for an excel Tiller spreadsheet’s any reports like balance sheets (Elizabeth Moore advence )-as well as profit and loss ,with sub category .for example, if you have six tenants and it will show each one his payment by date and by tenant? That I put them all in the sub-category? Anything helping on the Excel for rental properties that I need to see a report of Tenant and my profit and loss and the balance sheets?
Thanks a lot,( sorry for the long story).

Some Tiller users use “tags” as a proxy for subcategories. Tiller templates don’t implement subcategories but clearly with a little work you could add subcategories to your Excel and Sheets templates… since anything is possible in a spreadsheet. :wink:

We don’t have too many templates available in Excel beyond what you see in the Excel Foundation Template and the Excel Show & Tell section of this community. The only rental property template I’m aware of is this one built for Sheets.

Good luck.