Copied foundation Google sheets to make a new 24 budget. Can I make it my base tiller budget?

As a new user, I made a copy of the existing Tiller sheet to create a new 2024 budget in order to make sure I did not screw up my working version. I got everything done and everything seems to be working!!

How do I make this new version my “base” version? When I open Tiller it does not show up for selection. Is it as simple as renaming it to the existing “base” budget? I do not want to screw up what I have working! I am loving Tiller!

I think you are referring to replacing your primary Categories sheet that’s linked to your Tiller Console, with a test Categories sheet, along with it’s budget changes.

I would say don’t rename your primary Categories sheet - that will cause problems. It’s more than just having an end result with matching sheet names. Some sheets will reference a renamed sheet instead.

I would probably duplicate the changes into the primary Categories sheet, and a copy/paste-values-only might be all you need.

Another option is to link your testing spreadsheet to your Tiller Console, by launching Tiller Money Feeds within your testing spreadsheet and link. But, since your testing spreadsheet hasn’t been linked, it’s probably missing transactions and other changes you’ve made. 60-90 days of transactions could be filled - probably more work than duplicating your budget changes :thinking:

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Great solution. Very simple and easy. Headed to give it a try right now!

Thanks for helping a newbie!!

When you make a copy of the spreadsheet you do need to link it to Tiller using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. It won’t introduce duplicates because the spreadsheet has “watermarks” that let the add-on know where it left off last.