Credit card payoff sheet must constantly be adjusted to account for shift in cells on Balance sheet

My question is related to a new tab I have created called “credit card payoff calculator”. It’s a super simple tab.

Basically all I’ve done is created a cell reference to the standard balance sheet that looks at the balance in checking - then has several columns/cells that show me what my balance will be when I’m done paying off my cards. (Balance - (CC1 + CC2 + Autoloan + Mortgage))

The unfortunate things is that the Balance sheet cells change ALL the time and I don’t know why. Why does the cell for my joint checking change position every other week? Why does the cell that contains my credit card balance shift as well? Is there a better way to do this?

If all you need is the current balance, it’s easier to get from either the Balance History sheet or the Accounts sheet.
In Accounts, you can unhide the columns to get references, but my column J is the most recent balance for the account.

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