Credit cards in Console but not showing up in Foundation Template

(as it says on the tin)
I’ve added 2 credit card accounts to my console, but they’re not showing up in the Foundation Template. I know that the institutions work with Tiller generally (because I’ve added credit cards - mine vs. my wife’s - from those same institutions before and they work fine).


Nevermind. Just figured out that I have to go to the Foundation Template > (Extensions > Tiller Feeds > Connected Accounts) > and check the little boxes next to the accounts to get them to show up. Ignore me!

(Though it’ll be good to have this archived, since I couldn’t find it by searching.)

Besides adding Connected Accounts via the Tiller Console, the accounts also need to be linked to the spreadsheet. Before linking to the spreadsheet, remember to rename the accounts to something you like via the Tiller Console.