New Credit Card Not Showing Up In Tiller Budget

I recently got a new Amex credit card. I already have several others that are tracked by Tiller Budget so my Amex login is already in the spreadsheet to pull transactions. However, my new card isn’t showing up? I’ve refreshed my accounts, went to add new accounts and entered my Amex login info again. No luck. I am sure I’m doing something wrong here but can’t remember what. It’s been a while since I’ve added a new card.

Hi @james3332,

Is it not showing in the sheet or it’s not showing in the Tiller Console under Account Summary?

Was this a re-issue of another card?

Is it a new card associated with an existing account or a whole new account?


It’s not showing on the sheet (in transactions or accounts tab) or in the console.

Not a re-issue. A new card that’s associated with an existing account…A new Amex card and I already have several Amex cards that are in my Tiller budget.

If it isn’t showing in the Tiller Console, then it won’t show in the spreadsheet. Getting it to appear in the Console is the first step.

What messaging do you see when you try to add it to the Console?


The Labs does have bugs. I have similar issues where some of my accounts did not show up in transactions sheet, Accounts, balance history. All the accounts showed up in the Console account summary and linked. I have deleted the foundation template several times and reload it with no success. The balance history has not updated for three weeks. The lap Tiller Money Feeds update sheet have been spinning for three weeks. I query the essence of the Tiller sheet as a personal finance software solution. I gave up after contacting support and no solution offered. It may be because it was not made for people that live in the US. I have 28 accounts covering checking, savings, brokerage, and retirements, business. Maybe my account and data are too much for the Tiller Sheet to handle.