Issues with Chase credit card in Money Feeds

I have three credit card accounts with Chase. One of them is not showing up on my Tiller Feeds. When I look at the feeds section under add-ons, I’ve got two sets of Chase cards. Card 1 and Card 2 appear in both sets. However, Card 3, which is new-ish, shows up in only one set of cards. I checked the feed and it is indeed linked. But when I refresh my accounts, no transactions from that account show up at all.
Why do I have two sets of Chase cards? And how can I get Card 3 to operate in Money Feeds?

Thank you!

Hi @sandral18706, I’m not sure why the duplicated Chase logins are showing up for you, but you should use the one that has the most recent refresh dates.

I’m seeing that there is only one account linked to any sheet under that recently refreshing login. Try going to Connected Accounts in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on, adding the checkbox for the accounts, and then click “Done” and it should fill your sheet with the latest data from those Chase accounts.

If you need more help with this issue, please reach out to our support team via the messenger tool in the lower right corner of the Console at as that team will be best equipped to help you with data feed type issues like this.

Hi, Heather, it worked! Thanks again for your help.


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Hi Heather, while it might have worked at one point, it isn’t working now.

Here’s the situation: I added my husband’s Chase Amazon account to my feeds. It is showing up on my list of feeds now. However, when I refresh, the transactions do not appear when I Fill Sheets. There are three of them in mid-May.

Not sure what to do here. According to Chase, this account is linked.


Hi @sandral18706, based on our chat conversation, you’re all set with this Chase issue, right? If not let me know via that conversation we have going. Just closing the loop on some community topics.

Hi, Heather–I wish I could say that was the end of it, but Chase card transactions re not showing up on my feed any longer. The accounts are refreshing every day, but the credit cards have been used and I don’t see any of the transactions.

Thank you.

I just sent a help message through the messaging system/bot. It seems I have missing transactions going back as far as the beginning of June.

Looks like the support team has escalated to our data provider.