Customizing the account filter

The instructions for customizing the account filter make reference to version 2.00 of the sheet, but appear to be out-of-date for version 2.01.

In my sheet, the formula has moved from A5 to A6 and is using indirect lookups from hidden cells.

Is there a write-up on how to add more sheet references for this updated model?



I am not aware of any write-up. However, if you unhide the columns to the right and look at cell A6, then you can probably create what you want to see based off of the patterns you see.

The account filter tab is just a shortcut for what you can do manually at the transactions tab. You can use the sort and filter tools there to sort the transactions tab any way you want.

All the data in your sheet is in the transactions tab. I am always in it sorting and filtering to see my data the way I want to see it based on what I am trying to accomplish.


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The Account Filter write-up (the one that is out-of-date) is here: Add an Account Filter sheet

It was very confusing for me to try to customize. I thought I figured out how to do it with the new version, but I didn’t get the results I expected.