Delete a liability account from Foundation

Hey - I don’t see this question anywhere, but this is super hard to search… I added a liability account by mistake in my foundation spreadsheet, and I don’t want it anymore. If I delete the data, it makes a blue line, the data does not show up but it still totals in. How do I REMOVE the liability account from the speadsheet? (Yes I have disconnected it from the feed). Confused.

Hi Tom,

Welcome to the Tiller Community.

You have to delete all of the Transactions for the account - (which you have already done) and you have to delete all of the Balance History rows for the account.

The Balance History tab may be hidden in your sheet. If it is hidden, you can select it by using the all sheets popup that appears when you click on the 3- stacked horizontal bars on the far left of your tab names bar at the bottom of the sheet by the + sign.