Duplicate group on budget dashboard

For expenses (in screenshot Eating out and Entertainment) why do the top two get segregated from the rest? Should all be together. Doesn’t matter what I do with categories, the top two, alphabetically get put there.
Thanks for the help!

Where did you get that sheet from? I just installed the “Monthly Budget” solution from the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on but it doesn’t look like yours.

It’s just the one I’ve been using. Not really sure where I got it from. I’ve been on Tiller for years. Is there a new spreadsheet that looks different?

@james3332, check and make sure that the group for eating out and entertainment categories is spelled exactly the same as the other categories. There could be an extra space before/after the group if they’re both spelled the same (looks like they are). And yes, there is a newer default budget we offer.

@jpfieber this is the “Tiller Budget” AKA “Envelope Budget” that used to be our default budget in mid-2018 to early 2019 which is no longer widely available and the Savings Budget sheet took over for those who prefer an envelope budget style.

@heather It’s not in the spelling or spaces or anything like that. If I hide the Eating Out category then the Gadgets/Computer/Tech category will move up into that segregated section. Doesn’t matter. It takes the top two categories, alphabetically, and puts them there. I’ve tried switching things around many times and it keeps doing the same thing.
On another note, how do I get the new default budget? Will all my info/prior transactions, categories, etc. carry over? Will my current budget info for this month carry over?


Hi @james3332, sorry for the delay here. If that didn’t help, I’m really not sure why it’s showing up as a separate category.

You can try out the Foundation template by visiting the Console at Sign in - Google Accounts and then click “Create a spreadsheet” and then “Start with Google Sheets”

You’d have to manually migrate your customized data (categorized transactions, categories, etc) or try the Migration Helper in the Tiller Community Solutions add-on.

The Foundation template does not have a rollover feature, but if you transition to the Foundation template, the Savings Budget sheet that can layer on top of the Foundation template does offer a rollover sort of concept.