Editing Tiller Tempate Charts to Grab Data from Different Column

Hey there,

I was hoping someone in this community would be able to help me with my customization. Essentially, what I am trying to do is link all the widgets and charts that came with the Tiller Template to use a custom column in my “Transactions” tab instead of the “Amount” column.

Some of you may be wondering why I am trying to do this? Well, I have multiple accounts linked up to the Sheet but some values that come in are from different currencies. Therefore, I have a new column next to the “Amount” column in the Transactions tab that has all the transactions in the same currency. I’m sure you guys can understand that without this, my insights and charts are slightly deceiving.

I am not very experienced with Sheets or Excel and I have done a bit of research to try and edit these charts, however, I’m not having any luck with locating the back end of things that these graphs and stuff draw information from. The change that I need to make would be as simple as changing an input of column “E” to “F”. Is anyone able to tell me how I can make this customization?

It would be very much appreciated, thanks!

Which sheet are you trying to modify, @TaraCH? The Monthly Budget?

The Monthly Budget, Yearly Budget and Insights

ARe you using Sheets or Excel?

I am using Google Sheets

So if you’re feeling a bit adventurous you can modify the sheet reference to point to your new transactions amount field. Obviously you will know longer math teh Tiller version, but thats ok

First I would make a copy of the sheet in question.
Click on the tab name and click duplicate

For example, for the yearly insight form you need to go to column N

Where it says Amount change it to your custom column name

This should update column O to a new letter.

That’s it. The chart should now be using the new values.

Good luck

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Right on, @richl. I had been meaning to reply to this but you nailed it.

This was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you both so much! Appreciate it

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