Eight: Your financial big picture

Balances Big Picture

You’ve made big progress on financial awareness by looking at your transactions. Now it’s time to see the bigger picture of your financial journey with your Balances sheet. Whether you’re in debt or have savings, your Balances sheet will become a scorecard for your progress.

Perhaps your goal is simply to not spend more than you earn. You can track it on the Balances sheet through steady balances in your primary spending accounts. If you’re paying down debt or saving, you’ll see those account balances improve. If you’ve lost income and are living off emergency funds, you can track your remaining reserves. No matter your situation, your Balances sheet will help you keep score.

This isn’t something to be feared or ashamed of. Seeing a negative net worth or facing a mountain of debt takes courage and that’s a win! If you’ve got a decent emergency fund or are halfway to your goal for the down payment on a home, you’re empowered with that knowledge, and it’s a win!

Example observations

I have more in my retirement fund that I expected. I feel more confident about the future.

Seeing my remodel savings account balance motivates me to spend less on discretionary expenses. I really want to upgrade our kitchen appliances!

Our nest egg fund is looking good. An unexpected event would be manageable.

I’d love to double my retirement contributions over the next year to see that balance grow. I might be able to retire a few years earlier!

Seeing all my debt like this motivates me to prioritize the changes I need to make to reduce that debt.

My education cost me a lot of money, but it was well worth it and my income now will help me pay off that debt in a reasonable amount of time.

Your turn to share!

What’s one observation about your Balances sheet exercise that might inspire someone else to make small changes to improve their situation? What did you learn about the current stage along your financial journey while reviewing your Balances? What do you hope to change about your situation that can be reflected by watching your Balances sheet?

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We are on track with our retirement goals, perhaps even a bit ahead of schedule. Since we live in abroad in an area with a very low-cost of living, it is a good time to try to save even more.