Nine: Budget progress

Check in on the big win

You’re just a few days away from completing this challenge. In order to achieve your goals or understand where you got off track, it’s important to periodically check in on them and your progress.

Take a look back at your biggest win category goal. Are you under budget with just a few days left in this challenge?

Under budget

If you are under, think about how awesome it will be to celebrate this win a few days from now. This is a BIG win, right? And it shows you that progress towards goals is attainable. This is only the beginning. Perhaps you can treat yourself to something special - as long as it doesn’t tip you over in this or another category. Maybe it took a lot of willpower to make sure you stayed on track here, but you’ve made it this far so you can make it all the way!

How will you celebrate it? Check in with your accountability partner and get their ideas.

Over budget

If you’re over budget, pinpointing which transaction can help you identify what got you off course. It could have been a moment of weakness, stress, or even necessity. An easy way to do this is to filter your Transactions sheet by the category and review your detailed transactions.

Becoming aware of what was going on when you got off track can help you stay on track in the future and help you set better targets in the future. Going over might have been inevitable. What’s another category where you’re under that you can feel good about? Plus, if your cash flow to date is positive then you’re still in a good spot overall for the month.

Your turn to share

Chime in below with how it’s going for you. Wherever you are is okay! We’re here to support each other through this challenge and the awareness and willingness to be honest is a crucial step toward making change.

Woot! My biggest win was clothes and gear for this month and I managed to not overspend there. And almost all my purchases were at the local gear shop vs REI!

For those of your out there that are new to budgeting and new to Tiller Money and maybe last month didn’t go according to plan, I really love the quote that @benlcollins had in his weekly GSheets Tip email today that comes out on Monday (highly recommend subscribing to that if you want to learn more about gSheets in general -

When you try something new, the end result probably won’t look like the vision in your head, and that’s ok. It’s still a huge success. And you must acknowledge that so you can learn from the experience and grow.

P.S. @benlcollins - oil the pan before you put the cake batter in to keep it from falling apart :wink: :birthday: