Ten: Congratulations, you did it!


You’ve completed this 30 Days of Financial Wins Challenge.

The more you learn about your spending patterns, the more opportunity you’ll see to shift your habits to better align your spending with your goals and values.

There’s a sailing metaphor that can be a powerful way to think about the work you’re doing to improve your spending habits and work toward financial success. Imagine a sailboat with a destination point in mind. You chart a route and start sailing, but then come the winds. It’s hard to anticipate every single gust of wind, so you do your best to work with them-- after all, you have an end point in mind. It’s totally normal and expected that those adjustments and handling those winds are part of the course. Now you’ve got your hand on the tiller. :sailboat:

And even better, you never have to do it alone.

Your turn to share!

How has this financial challenge helped you? Did you see the progress you wanted to see with it? Why or why not? Have you modified your #1 goal as a result of the challenge or added new goals? How did you fine tune your budget for next month?

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Haha, am I the only one that finished? We progressed on cutting down certain expenses, though others (especially food and restaurants) we continue to spend a lot on. We have not modified our goals based on this - I believe we are on track with our financial plans.

@jpkica It looks like you’re at least the only one who wanted to share anything about being finished here :slight_smile:

I’m glad you did and that the challenge has helped you confirm you’re on track with your financial plans!

Thanks for putting this together. It was a great exercise.

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