Six: Celebrate a small win

Small wins

Of all the things that can boost emotions, motivation, and perceptions during a workday, the single most important is making progress in meaningful work. And the more frequently people experience that sense of progress, the more likely they are to be creatively productive in the long run. The Power of Small Wins - Harvard Business Review

While the above article and anecdote is focused on workplace motivation, the same progress principle applies to the work you’re doing in this challenge. Your creative productivity is your success at moving closer to your financial dreams and freedom. Less stress, worry, time spent, and confusion about money. More time with family, friends, and doing what you love, doing what really matters.

Progress check in

So let’s check in on your progress and celebrate some small wins.

Take a look at what you wrote down for the simple actionable goals you set in segment three. and assess whether you have completed any of those.

  • Did you call Verizon and change your plan?
  • Did you cancel the Hulu subscription?
  • Did you return the bike shorts that did quite fit back to REI?

It’s okay if you didn’t cross off a single one of those.

You’re here reading this and that’s a win.

Maybe you’ve been categorizing your transactions every few days so you feel more in tune with your money. That’s a win.

Perhaps this has helped you talk more openly about money with your partner or spouse. Definitely a win.

You might have even resisted the urge to buy that new pair of shoes. Another win!

The important thing is that you’re engaged with your money and you’re building awareness. This is the key to change!

Accountability check in

Now is a good time to check in with your accountability partner if you chose to work with one. Let them know how the challenge is going. Share with them whether or not you have been able to achieve one of these simple, actionable goals. Share a small win with them.

Your turn to share!

Chime in below with your small win! What small actionable goal were you able to achieve? If you haven’t gotten to any yet, what step can you take today toward achieving one? Add a reminder on your calendar to make it happen!

Click “reply” below to share.

I am $200 away from 15k in my money market account. I’ll hit 15k in a few weeks!

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That’s a pretty big win @mlbenson10 !

A couple small wins for me

  1. I went to the local gear shop (instead of REI) to get some backpacking meals and a couple other supplies for a recent trip
  2. I signed up for an REI credit card to use as my primary rewards card because they give back to local non-profits and donate money toward forestry and conservation projects. Plus, there are some good co-op member rewards for when I do need to shop at REI.