ERROR: "Required Sheet Not Present"

I’ve been using the functionality to add “manual transactions” through the Tiller Community Add On for quite some time now. However, as of this month I am unable to use the feature. When I click on “Add Transaction” (Transactions > Add Transaction) I am now getting the below error message:

Required Sheet Not Present

The Add Manual Transaction workflow requires a compatible Accounts sheet in your spreadsheet.

You cannot proceed with the workflow until this sheet is added.

I use this feature each month to add my manual transactions. Can someone please help me get this fixed? I haven’t deleted an “Accounts” tab but also never remember having one so I’m kind of confused. I chatted support, but they couldn’t help me and said I should post here.


In the lower left corner of your Google Sheets screen is an icon that looks like a stack of lines (double cheeseburger?) that’s called “All Sheets” (to the right of the plus icon). Click that and it will show you all of your tabs, including the hidden ones. Do you see one called “Accounts”? If not, it somehow got deleted, and that would be a problem for many reasons. If that’s the case, you may have to restore an older version of your spreadsheet from before it got deleted.