General question on the Accounts Sheet. Can items marked with the invalid cell notation tag be safely deleted?

I have a few cells on the Accounts Sheet that are marked with the red invalid comment.

Base Share - xxxx0000 (ACA5) This was the original account name.
I renamed the account from the Connected Accounts Summary page to:

Base Share Joint Savings - xxxx0000 (ACA5)

I physically created the entry with the renamed account (I’ve learned since that this wasn’t necessary b/c I could have just picked the old name from the dropdown list).

Anyway, can I safely delete the original name Base Share - xxxx0000 (ACA5) which is marked “Invalid in the comment field of the cell”.

Tiller is picking up the new name and everything is working fine. But I want to get rid of the old name that is marked invalid.

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You can just backspace the entries for the cells in column A-D. I’d advise against deleting the whole row.

Thank you for the quick response.