Cleanup Old Statement Reconcile Tabs

I have used two different Reconcile solutions. I would like to delete the tabs and/or any columns used for the older one; however, I’m not sure of the names of the two solutions, nor which tabs/columns are needed by each. The solution I use has a tab named Statements. There’s a Learn and Discuss link in cell A3 of that tab that gives a not found error.

There’s a Statement Details tab that I THINK goes with this, with a similar bad link.

I THINK the old one is the solution that created a tab named Account Registers but I’m not sure.

In the Transactions tab, I created a column named “R” - but I’m not sure if I did that for other purposes or if one of these solutions required it.

Can anyone provide guidance?

I also use the ‘Statements’ template, and as you pointed out, but I just realized, the ‘Learn and Discuss’ link is broken. I believe the Statements template works alone (no other sheets required besides a modified Templates sheet). I have a ‘Statements’ column in my Transactions sheet, and each cell uses Data validation to look at ‘Statements!$N$3:$N’. The Statements sheet then uses cell T10 to check your Transactions sheet to see which column to look for Statement references. Does your ‘R’ column use data validation? If so, check if it points to the Statements sheet. If not, check your Statements sheet cell T10 tells where it’s looking for statement links. If you don’t have a ‘Statement’ column, or that cell isn’t set to ‘R’, then I don’t think your Statement sheet could be working.

Good catch, @jpfieber. I just fixed the help link in the master, but didn’t bump the version.

The link should be this.

We are cleaning up some of the tags (from the old tml- convention) and it appears that one didn’t update properly.