Giving a transaction a description?

We often have purchases assigned to a category but after reconciliation, we have zero idea what the original purchase was. Is it possible to give a transaction a description in the current transaction sheet?

ex. home depot purchase is classified in Home improvement group, but no idea what it is after checking at the end of the month. It would be nice if I could put “hammer/mallet purchase” or something next to the transaction itself.

You can edit the transaction field and put in whatever you want, or you can add a new column to the table. It won’t download again and overwrite.

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Yes. Feel free to edit those Transaction Descriptions, as @yossiea said. You can also use the Note field. Totally up to you.

Where would I find the note field? I don’t see it as a separate column. It would probably work best if there was a note column next to the description, but I don’t know if adding that column would mess up the template.

We work pretty hard to make our templates function when you add or remove columns. Feel free to add a column called “Note” to your Transactions sheet.

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I added a “Note” column and use it a great deal to help better identify transactions. Works great!