Google extensions speed/response times

I’ve noticed that there is a decent lag in the Google extension(s) (Money Feeds and Community Solutions). Initial load time, clicking around, all seems quite slow. Is there a reason this is not snappier with less latency in between clicks and loading? I have quite a powerful Mac so it’s not a hardware bottleneck, and Internet is 2gb Fiber, so not an issue there either.

This has some suggestions for Sheets that seem slow.

I deleted several 1000 rows from ends of the largest sheets which makes response seem better and reduced the sheet size greatly.

I think the article suggests what will give the biggest effects ( i.e. empty cells )


Hi @mu3484343 - I envy your internet speed, very nice! There was a recent post that discussed some of the delays in the sidebar in Sheets which you can find at the following location:

I believe that the Tiller team is working on ideas to improve it. There are also a couple tips in there about ways to get certain things done a bit faster.


Thank you. I searched for an answer but didn’t see that thread! Those solutions make sense… can’t really get rid of any of that so I’ll except the latency as I realize there is a ton going on in my sheets to make it exactly how I want it. Thanks again.

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