Faster Tiller Money Feeds Performance for Google Sheets

Originally published at: Updated: Faster Tiller Money Feeds Performance For Google Sheets  - Tiller

Over the past weeks, Tiller’s engineering team has swarmed on improving the speed, performance, and design of the Tiller Money Feeds add-on for Google Sheets.

Navigating through the Google Sheets sidebar had occasionally become excruciatingly slow. The sidebar was also due for a design refresh. Today we’re launching the first phase of our Tiller Money Feeds remodel.

First, we greatly improved the launch speed of the add-on from the Google Sheets Extensions menu.

The sidebar menus have also been reorganized so your most common and important daily financial tasks are more efficient.

In our next development cycle we’ll focus on reworking the remaining screens with the updated design. We’ll also continue to improve the speed of navigating through the add-on.

In future cycles we expect to transition the Excel add-in to the new design and continue to improve performance issues in the add-on.

You can read more on our Help Center about the changes and where to find tools or features you’re used to accessing.

What is Tiller Money Feeds?

Only Tiller Money Feeds automatically imports all your spending, income, transfers, and balances directly into Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel each day, where you can customize everything and manage your money, your way. All while keeping your data and privacy under your control.


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Very nice, I like the changes and it’s all working well so far!

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This is a great update thanks!

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Noticeable performance improvement and the UI/UX is an improvement for sure. Nice update!

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Agreed nice update. It definitely loads quicker. I like the direct access to the Split and add transaction functions. I don’t use Autocat or the holdings capabilities so that isn’t of value to me. Similar to the Hello Money email, I am not sure of the logic of the order of things. it just seems random.

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I like how it seems to support dark mode. :+1:
Previously, it could look a little wonky and require an extension restart, and never used dark mode in any case.

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I am still seeing the old Google Sheets TIller Money Feed sidebar instead of the new Tiller sidebar discussed here. Do I need to do something to update the add-on?

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Never mind. I just reloaded the web page for my Google sheet. Doh!

A real improvement. It loads much faster, and I like the emphasis on both simplifying the first page, and showing the most used features.


I really like the update.

The Learn More link at the bottom to the complete details of what has changed is very helpful.

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This update is a huge improvement! Thank you!!!

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This was such a great surprise when I refreshed my sheet at the end of the week. Can’t wait to see what else is in store :slight_smile:

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Great feedback here @richl

We prioritized the actions layout based on usage from our overall user base. It’s not random :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update. Really cool!

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Glad you like it!! @dbefus

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Yesterday, we made a couple updates to Tiller Money Feeds to continue reworking the screens to match the new design.

Manual Transactions

The manual transactions tool when accessed from the main sidebar (not the Extensions > Tiller Money Feeds > Tools menu) has been updated.

Manual Accounts

We also updated the Manual Accounts screen to use the new style, which should also address some bugs due to loading performance issues.

We’ll continue to update this topic as we make additional changes to the Tiller Money Feeds add-on.

Please note, that the menu access from Extensions > Tiller Money Feeds will still go to the old UI. This update will come later.

Today we have removed the Manual Accounts and Add Transaction tools from the Extensions > Tiller Money Feeds menu. These tools can still be accessed from the main sidebar by clicking “Launch.”

We may re-add these menu items in the future, but it was more complicated than we expected to port the menu access to the new UI.