Guideline for sorting tabs

As I explore the Foundation sheet I notice I can sort rows in some tabs but now others. In the Other tabs sorting will break the formulas.

Also, I need guidance regarding where to place the cursor. Sometime it sorts with the cursor on the header row and sometimes the cursor must be in a lower row.


Transactions Sort ok cursor below the header
AutoCat Do not sort sort will breaks the sheet,
Categories Sort OK Cursor below header row

@Russellreno Your references seem correct. When sorting data, I usually highlight the area that I would like to sort (including the headers).

When you do re-sort on the categories tab, make sure there aren’t any blank rows between the categories as these can break the data validation on the Transactions sheet that allows you to choose a category from the dropdown.

Below is an article on Filtering and Sorting data in Google Sheets. Hope this helps

I find if I sort the Accounts sheet it breaks the Balances tab as well.

Hi @RobA1701,
The accounts sheet should NOT be sorted. You can make overrides in the green background cells, but sorting that sheet will cause other sheets to break.


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So I discovered. It would be great if the FAQs listed the sheets that can be sorted without problems. Categories seems okay. Thanks.