Any Way To Keep Row #1 From Being Sorted?

My partner occasionally sorts the Transaction sheet in order to find common entries. Typically this is done on the Category column.

They way the sort is done caused the first row of title to get sorted into the middle of the transactions.

Is there any way keep that first row from being part of a sort?

I realize that I need to train my partner on how to do the sort, or to use filters instead, but was wondering if there was a way to lock that first row, so it could not get sorted.


I find that freezing the first row not only helps you see which columns you’re looking at after scrolling, but also prevents it from sorting. Go to the View menu to Freeze and choose 1 row.


Thanks very much for the suggestion.

I will try that.

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If you do want to help them with sorting after applying the filter we have this guide to help.

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The way Morgan does it is also how I do it. Once it is filtered the headers cant be re-sorted.

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