Help with bank acquistion- how to handle old/new accounts

The bank that held my primary checking and my mortgage was recently acquired by another bank. I added the new bank to tiller but the problem is the spreadsheet continues to carry forward my last known balances from the old bank on my balance sheet in addition to the current balances from the new bank.

How do I handle this?

The ideal situation would be that I could tell tiller to treat the old account and the new account as one, so in my spreadsheet it looked like one continuous flow of data.

If the above isn’t possible I need to know how to make the old bank balances show up in my historical data prior to 4/26 only and the new bank show up starting 4/27.



Hi @joshmccormackpt,

When you added the new bank to your Console do you see new instances of the accounts?

If so, you probably will just want to link those new instances to the spreadsheet. This may result in some duplicates because of a potential 90 day overlap that you’ll want to clean up manually.

Let me know if this doesn’t help.


The new bank is a separate website and log in and is in my tiller sheet. The problem is my account balance page shows 2 checking accounts and 2 mortgages. How do I prevent the old bank accounts from continuing to show up on my account balances and networth sheets? I want the historical balances from it but don’t want continued duplicate balances. Not worried about transactions, already taken care of. Just need balances and networth fixed. Thanks