How do I Group Assets on the Balances Sheet?

I would like to group my assets and liabilities on the balances tab. For example under assets want cash account, investments, fixed assets, etc. Thank you.

On your “Accounts” sheet, In column “A” (Account), choose an account that you’d like to add to a group. Then in column “C” (Group) Type in what you’d like the grouping to be called (eg. “Credit Cards”). Do the same for each account you’d like added to a group. Once you’ve done this, go back to your Balances sheet and they should be organized into the groups you assigned.


Thank you so much!! You directions worked perfectly. :slight_smile:


Sounds like good advice. One thing. I cant find the “accounts” sheet. here are the tabs I do find. I know you said sheets… surely I dont have to go out of this thing to add a group???

It’s probably hidden. To the right of the sheet names there is a button that looks like a stack of lines, just to the right of the ‘+’ button. Click that “All Sheets” button and you’ll see a list of all your sheets, including hidden ones. You should find “Accounts” there.


@phyllispil57 As an example, here is what I do. Blake