How do I reconcile and get correct balance for an account?

Account register is way off In uboc ending balance should be 6292.22 while in account register (Tiller)it shows negative 4416.24

I’m not sure if you have already but you’ll also need @jpfieber’s Account Reconciliation sheet in order to get a solid and accurate starting balance to work off of. If you have already established the accurate starting balance then you’ll need to evaluate if there may be duplicate transacations or some other issue going on.

Also your text got put in the title, you may want to rename it and edit your original post to include the issue.

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That is already done

So is Account Reconciliation showing that the account is balanced (ie does column D = column E, and the date in column C is from your last statement)? As a troubleshooting step, you can expand the helper data by clicking the + above column H, and look at the transactions in columns R-V. This should show the entire history of the transactions for that account, with the first transaction being the opening balance that you calculated in the Account Reconciliation template. Perhaps scrolling through that list and comparing it to statements will give a clue where things went wrong.

Account reconciliation does not show it in balance. I will send screen shots to show in detail

In the Transaction Register in Column R there is a column called Reconciliation Date. That column is blank throughout that column…In the account reconciliation in column c I manually entered that close date from uboc statement and column d the ending balance.

In account Reconciliation tab in e6 for tiller ending balance show -4416.24 and tiller current balance shows the same . I do not know how this can be when i ran above report shows that it is in balance and no difference

Unless you just opened the account this month and didn’t have a previous balance, the problem is likely that you haven’t filed in columns I and J for each account. It can be a pain in the butt, but it’s necessary to figure out an opening balance and date so you’re starting from a known good point. Read through the Setup section again in the documentation for some tips on how to do this. Once you’ve established what the opening balance and date are for each account, it’s much more likely the numbers will come up clean and balance properly.