How may I correct a reference error?

How do I restore the foundation templat to eliminate a reference error? I accidently added a budget amount to the monthly budget worksheet. Now there is a reference error and no budget data is populating the monthly budget worksheet. Thank you.

Typically if you just delete the data you typed in ( assuming a formula wasn’t there). The data shoudl repopulate. However, here are the instructions to restore a sheet

How to Update or Restore an Installed Solution

Solutions that you install using the Tiller Money Labs add-on are “managed solutions.” You can manage these by visiting the “Managed Solutions” pane in the add-on. Here you will see what solutions the add-on has installed and also if updated versions are available.

If an update is available, the add-on can update the solution to the latest version. The add-on can also restore a solution for you if you’ve made an edit that has caused an error in a dashboard.

  1. Open the Tiller Money Labs add-on.
  2. Choose Manage Solutions.
  3. Click the dropdown triangle for the solution you wish to update or restore.
  4. Choose “Update Solution” or “Restore Solution”.
  5. Choose whether you want to overwrite existing or create an archive.
  6. Copy configuration data from the archive to the new version if necessary

NOTE: We recommend archiving sheets that have configuration data, especially the Accounts sheets. Other sheets that often contain configuration data are Debt Progress, Statements, Spending Money, and the Holiday Gift Tracker.

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If you’ve made custom changes to your Dashboard sheet, you will lose them after restoring your dashboard, but your other sheets will be unaffected. The restore function deletes the selected sheet and replaces it with a new version. It’s important to archive if you have customizations in your sheet.