How to Delete an AutoCat Rule

How do I delete an AutoCat rule that I created? Is it as simple as manually deleting that row that contains the rule in the AutoCat tab? Thank you!

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Yup! Don’t delete the text in the row and leave it blank, delete the row itself so the others move up and keep the list together.


Thank you! Weirdly, the last two rules ended up in cells that are not in the same columns as the first 72 rules…

Hi Bill! It sounds like (without the benefit of seeing it) that you deleted some cells in rows, rather than the whole rows. I’m not clear from your description if your last two rules moved horizontally or vertically.

You could insert new cells to move those rules back into proper alignment.
Or you could copy/paste those rules into the proper placement in new rows, then delete the malformed rows.

To delete whole rows, select the row by clicking on the row # or by using the keyboard shortcut Shift+Space bar.


@jpfieber, good tip on ensuring there are no gaps in the list of rules!

Yes, @bill.kaiser, I think @ThriftScout is correct. You probably selected just a few cells instead of entire rows, which can shift the data. I’d just move the data in the malformed cells to where it should be with a copy/paste.

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Thank you @randy and @ThriftScout for your quick responses!

Unfortunately, as it turns out, the real reason was a bit more complicated, as I just discovered.

I was quite certain that I had not selected just a few cells instead of the entire rows, so I went back and looked a bit more closely.

It turns out that it appears that how I created the AutoCat rule influenced how the columns lined up. I’m still not 100% sure which approach I used (Rule from Selection, Rules from Past 90 Days, Advanced Rule Builder, Simple Rule Builder) to create which rule, but as you can see from the attached screen shot, I ended up with some Filter Criteria columns (all of which are empty) in between the Categories and Description columns for some of the rules. I will keep investigating!

Thank you for your help.

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Looks wonky. Haven’t seen that behavior before, @bill.kaiser.

Make sure to move the header row (5) back to the row-1 position (or your rules won’t work). Also move G1:H1 into the header row. It may look intimidating but the manual fix is easy.

Not intimidated. :wink:

Already did all of that and more.

Thank you.