How to hide transfers from Quick Insights

On the Insights sheet of the foundation spreadsheet there’s a section called “Tiller Quick Insights”. The second insight there is “Your largest outflow in the last 90 days was ‘X’ for ‘Y’ on ‘Z’”.

While my transfers seem to be hidden from the rest of the sheet (i.e., Top 10 outflows) they’re not hidden from the Quick Insights.

Is this a bug or intended?

In either case, how do I hide transfers from that field? It’s not terribly useful when it shows credit card payments.

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In case it is helpful, and someone here will know what is happening (I’m a newbie), but my Insights | Top Outflows does NOT show Transfers. (I assume somehow you are categorizing as Transfers amounts other than payments and the usual transfer type accounts.)

Yeah, I am categorizing them as transfers. The source of the issue may be that my Apple Card account is an unlinked account that uses the Tiller Labs “Import CSV Line Items” tool.

To be clear, it’s not in the Top 10 Outflows table. It’s in the prose version in the dashboard up top.

I was hoping that since I used the “Apple Card” import in that tool it might add the account to the Accounts sheet. My guess is that because it’s not there and can’t be marked as hidden on that sheet it doesn’t filter from the Insights sheet.

Anyone know if there’s a way to add an account to the Accounts sheet that’s imported via CSV? That way I can determine if it’s the source of the problem.

I’d post a screenshot if this app would let me, but it doesn’t seem to ¯_(ツ)_/¯

It looks like the query that selects the largest outflow doesn’t filter at all, honestly:

=iferror(query(indirect(P15),"SELECT "&P10&", "&P13&", "&P12&" WHERE "&P10&" >= date '"&TEXT( today()-P6,"yyyy-mm-dd")&"' ORDER BY "&P12&" ASC LIMIT 1",-1))

I’m hesitant to edit a core sheet (particularly this one) because I’m unsure how overwrites happen with new versions.

Feel free to rework the formulas as you like, @lightcap.

Two notes:

  1. If you break anything, you can restore to the original using the Tiller Labs add-on.
  2. Be aware (as you note) that your changes will be lost if you later chose to upgrade or restore any of your “managed sheets”.

Good luck,

Cool. Makes sense.

But, shouldn’t this behavior be considered a bug? It’s a transfer and thus should be hidden, especially if it’s hidden in everything else.

Hi @lightcap and @Larry,
Thanks for alerting us about this. You are correct that the text display at the top of Quick Insights does not filter out Transfers.

In general, Tiller filters transactions from most reports if the Category of the transaction has been designated as a “Hide” category, using the “Hide From Reports” column in the Categories sheet.

The current formula used for that Quick Insights textual data doesn’t filter out these Hidden category transactions. But I’m considering a fix so those type of Transactions would be filtered out. I’d prefer this method of filtering, rather than filtering out the Transfer transactions, since some users might want to see the Transfer transactions.

If you set whatever Category you are using for these Transfer transactions to “Hide” in the Category sheet “Hide From Reports” column, then they would not appear as an option in the textual data in my proposed fix.

Would that solution work for you?

If you want to test it, put this in cell O49 and make your transfer Category hidden:

=iferror(query(indirect(P15),"SELECT "&P10&", "&P13&", "&P12&" WHERE "&P10&" >= date '"&TEXT( today()-P6,"yyyy-mm-dd")&"' "&if(len(P45),"AND NOT "&P45,"")&" ORDER BY "&P12&" ASC LIMIT 1",-1))