How to make a formerly "connected" account fully manual

Because one of my credit card accounts has been “site temporarily unavailable” for 6 months, I have given up hope that it will eventually be available and have disconnected it from my tiller feed. I’m still maintaining the account manually in my tiller spreadsheet. Tiller does not recognize this account as a manual account, so I cannot use the “Manual Accounts” feature to update this account’s balance. How can I get tiller to recognize a formerly automated account as a manual account?

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Really sorry to hear about the connectivity issue, @lrbaer. Thanks for sticking with us.

Here is what I would do in your shoes…

  1. Go to your Balance History sheet (you may need to unhide it)
  2. Filter on the account you want to change to manual (so no other accounts are shown)
  3. Copy the Account ID in the first non-header row (something like 5c51b3a49fc997001b437371)
  4. Add the prefix manual: to the value in the first header row (to become manual:5c51b3a49fc997001b437371)
  5. Expand that first cell down to the bottom so all Account ID’s for that one account update to the new Account ID

That should do it. Remember, if anything goes sideways, you can always restore your sheet to the state before the edit.

Good luck.

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Hi Randy,

I’m in a similar situation. If I do this with an account that is somehow fixed, is it easy to convert it back to automatic?


Good question, @pcmccollum.
Yes! You could just filter on the Account Id and remove the manual: prefix.

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Thanks Randy, that’s just what I wanted.

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