How to remove certain accounts from the "Balances" tab?

I have a few different accounts with Chase. I was originally pulling all of them into my Tiller sheet, but now only want to pull in some of those accounts. In my Tiller Console I’ve unchecked the accounts I no longer want to pull in. However, the balances for those accounts remain in the “Balances” tab. How do I remove those balances from the “Balances” tab? Thanks!

Try this. Go into the Balance History tab and put a zero in the balance column for the last row of the Chase account that you removed from the Console and that you want zeroed out in the Balances tab. Please let me know if it works.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for telling me about the Balances History tab; didn’t know that tab existed. I ended up just deleting all the rows associated with that account in the Balances History tab (I wanted that account fully removed from my Tiller records) and now the account is gone from the Balances tab. Perfect solution, thanks!

I had the same question recently after paying off a debt. I didn’t want to see it at zero forever on the Balances tab (this one isn’t growing back!).

My solution was to go to the Accounts tab (hidden) and put “Hide” in the Hide column. Boom, it’s gone. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps someone else searching for the future.