How to use statements with a bank not supported by Tiller downloads?

I have two credit cards with Banco Popular of Puerto Rico that Tiller cannot connect and download my transactions. I manually enter all the transactions for these credit cards. I have installed the statements and statement details sheets and notice that I cannot reconcile these two credit cards. I have tried to find the missing component in the transactions sheet, but I cannot. Is it possible to reconcile these credit cards in the statements sheets?

I think you need to have a manual account set up for these two credit cards and those manual accounts need to be showing on the accounts tab. You set up manual accounts on the balance history tab. I suspect you may be manually entering the transactions on the transactions sheet and they are not associated with an account since an account was not created. Let me know if this works. Blake

Good thought Blake, but both accounts are on the Accounts sheet as well as the Balance History sheet. I am manually entering the transactions for both accounts using the Add Transaction feature in the Tiller Money Labs sidebar. I double checked the transactions against my CC statements to make sure all the transactions are entered correctly and appear in the transactions sheet.

I just found the issue. I noticed this morning that even my accounts that Tiller does download were not showing the transactions, or matching in the Statement Details or Statements sheets. In looking at the transactions sheet, I noticed the Statement column was missing its header. I entered the word “Statement” in the header row and everything is working as it should.

Well done, @robgrant01. Usually the Statement column is added when you add the Statements solution. I wonder where that broke down.

Consider using the Basic CSV workflow with your Import Line Items workflow for pulling in those credit-card transactions.