I am New and while reading it seems to keep pushing me towards Google Sheets? What is the REAL deal here?

First comment I’ve made here (I think), but have used excel from the start. While recently helping debug a connection, I added a test workbook in Sheets. I’ve used excel for decades, and sheets only more recently. I like both for general use. All to say one thing: the add-in for Excel is way more responsive (quick) than the sheets version, at least for me.

I use office 365 for other reasons, so cost isn’t a factor… but would be if I didn’t. I see parity between the two for core functions, so don’t foresee an issue with starting w one and switching to the other later.

I’m not a fan of giving Google access to any of my personal data. Especially my financial data. I’ve used Excel for decades, so using it for my default Tiller setup was a no brainer.