I canceled my trial today

I canceled my trial subscription today, I have not been able to connect to my main bank and checking account even though it was marked as supported, so Tiller will not work for me.
The tool had promise but I think Yodlee and similar services have too many limitations. Interestingly my Fidelity “full view” page has no problems with my bank, so in this case it seems to be specific to Yodlee since whoever fidelity uses seems to connect fine.
I’m kinda bummed, I was looking forward to doing my own thing with the imported data. I suppose that’s why there is a free trial, and I’d rather find out now that it stopping to work after I subscribe.

Thanks for this feedback. I know that the data feed being unreliable can be frustrating. We’re always happy to try and troubleshoot disconnect and error related issues with our data provider and can usually get those resolved. It looks like in your case there was a widespread outage that Yodlee is already working on fixing. Check back with us in the future as we’re constantly working to improve Tiller.

Thanks for giving it a try.