I want to create a goal to save money for several things how can I do it?

I searched for a solution but only saw sheet templates with saving goals for google sheets.

I want to save money for a new MacBook, a trip in one year, my GF’s birthday and more things, even buying a car. However I can’t see a good way to do it using tiller.

The only thing I think about is creating different manual accounts for several saving goals I have.


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Hi @pathocyte,

Have you looked into the Savings Budget template under the Tiller Community Solutions addon? It allows you to set up categories with rollover savings, meaning you can put a budget toward specific categories for your goals and it will accumulate savings each month. This works independently of your financial accounts, so you can have the balance spread across multiple accounts. I use it for savings goals as well as for expenses that repeat less frequently than monthly.

Unfortunately I think it’s not in Excel.

Shoot, I’m so sorry. I missed the Microsoft Excel tag on your post.

You could create manual accounts for each savings goal as you suggested and give those manual accounts a unique group, with the understanding that the balance of your assets will be artificially inflated by the savings amount since the funds will still exist in your actual accounts. This will primarily affect the Balances and Net Worth templates, but there may be others I’m not thinking of.