Import CSV line items instructions confuse me

Hello Tiller Community. I hope you’re doing all right these days.

The instructions under Extensions/Tiller Community Solutions/Import CSV Line Items are as follow.
1. Export a CSV from your bank
2. Make a copy of the Basic Bank Import Template
3. Reformat columns/headers of the CSV export to match the template (instructions)
4. Export the data from Google Sheets using File / Download / Comma-separated values
5. Upload the CSV file below

About step 1 - Should I download the CSV file from my financial institution to my computer and then upload that file to Google Drive?

About step 4 - Where should I export the data from Google Sheets to?

Thank you.

I can see how that is a little unclear, @cogreg.

Download the CSV from your financial institution. Then, I would use the File/Import workflow to insert it as a new (temporary) sheet in your spreadsheet.


I would export/download it to your local hard drive (after matching up the column format) and then upload it in the CSV sidebar when prompted.

Whoa! That’s great news! I had figured out that I needed to download and then upload the CSV file, but I did not know I could upload via my Google sheets budget itself. Ha ha, I’ve been uploading the CSV to Google drive, manipulating it as a separate and new Google sheet, and then copy-pasting it into the Tiller transactions sheet.

I shall mend my ways.

Thank you.

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