CSV Importer problem

I have been using CSV linei mport work flow 3 times now and it has retained 30 previous line items from a previous upload and wants to load them in again to my transactions sheet. Why I am stuck with those same 30 enteries they are certainly not in my csv file that I am uploading?

That’s strange. I used CSV importer very extensively last week and did not run into any problems like that. I wonder if the problem is on your browser end caching some information. A few things I’d try:

  • Use a totally different file (with a new name) for your next import, not overwriting the old information in an existing file
  • Try a different browser for accessing Sheets

Thanks for the suggestions! Unable to try right now since the Tiller Community Solutions add-on is not available on my Foundation Sheet.

Okay user error had some line items lower in the sheet that I didn’t see and didn’t clear out. My bad!!