Inserting Account Balance into a Google Sheet


I am trying to do something that I think should be simple, but can’t seem to figure out it.

  • I started working with a Tiller Foundation template
  • I created a separate workbook for some side calculations
  • In that separate workbook, I want to insert the current balance using a reference (e.g. Balances!XX)
  • Since the sort on the Balance sheet is based on “updated” it changes position and breaks the reference on my workbook.

Now, I understand that I could just make it its own account in a group, removing the sorting from happening, but that sure seems hacky. Is there an easy way to do this? I searched and could not find anything that seems to fit the bill.


A simple approach is to reference the (hidden) Accounts sheet which is the source data for the Balances sheet. Just unhide the Accounts sheet, then unhide the hidden area of the Accounts sheet off to the right. In that area, you should see a list of accounts generated from (your feeds to) the Balance History sheet. Though this list will change when you add, delete or rename accounts in your tiller sheet, it will be far more static than the Balances sheet.

Wow! That is perfect! Did not know there were hidden columns in that sheet. That is excellent :slight_smile: