Insights Tab Problem

Regarding my top 10 income and expenses items, sometimes the group is blank. It seems that this insights tab only looks so far down (only so many rows) the group column on the categories tab. When I sort the group column on the categories tab backwards I get different group names missing on the insights tab. Any thoughts? Blake

Some ideas to troubleshoot:

  1. On Categories tab, does every Category row have a populated Group value and a populated Type? They should.
  2. On Categories tab, are any categories set to “Hide From Reports” that shouldn’t be hidden? (doesn’t sound like the problem, but just in case)
  3. How many category rows do you have out of curiosity? I have about 100, and no problems with Insights tab.
    Hope that helps.
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Oh one more thing, and a more literal answer!
if you look at the formula in Insights tab, cell B20, it actually is querying only the top 200 Category rows (excluding the header row) : “Categories!$”& P18&"$2:"&P18&"$201"

So if you have more than 200 rows, you could edit the formula to fix BOTH occurrences in it, and make that last number larger, e.g. “Categories!$”& P18&"$2:"&P18&"$401"

They likely cap at 200 to keep the lookup fast, based on the fact most folks won’t have that many categories. But if you have more data, just pick a bigger number but not a huge number that could slow things down.