Introducing the “Tiller Community” Builder’s Badge

Originally published at: Introducing the “Tiller Community” Builder’s Badge - Tiller

In the United States alone, 24 million people use spreadsheets as their primary personal finance tool. That’s because only spreadsheets empower you to track your money your way, with complete flexibility and control.

Since Tiller first launched, we’ve experimented with offering spreadsheet templates that leverage our daily financial feeds for Google Sheets and Excel workbooks. We’ve learned A LOT about what makes a great template and how to best deliver them. But there’s still room for progress, because the opportunities to visualize your financial information are limitless.

Tiller is perfect for builders, makers, creators, and tinkerers. That was a major inspiration for launching the Tiller Community: we wanted to make it easy for others to share their experiments and concepts.

To further support new solutions in the Community, we’re introducing a new “Tiller Community” badge. It’s a way to highlight solutions, tools, workflows, and experiments created by the Tiller Community. These are solutions that community members build to enhance or leverage the bank data feeds from Tiller. When you see the Tiller Community badge, it’s a shorthand to let you know that someone in our community put forward their best effort to create a solution that…