What are the guidelines for using the Tiller Community Badge?

Are you a spreadsheet solution builder? Do you want to share your work with the Tiller Community and give the signal it’s been built with thought, care, and the intention to be used with Tiller’s financial data feeds service? Consider adding the Tiller Community badge to your Show & Tell solution!

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The Tiller Community badge communicates to Tiller customers searching for financial workflows & solutions that a spreadsheet, workbook, or sheet (“Solution” or “Solutions”) with the badge meets the following guidelines:

  • The Solution enhances the value of a Tiller subscription.
  • Builds upon the core data set—Transactions, Balance History—generated by a Tiller subscription
  • Will integrate as seamlessly as possible with a Tiller spreadsheet by honoring the conventions of Tiller spreadsheets:
    • Honors reserved-word column headers
    • Dynamically identifies core data column references
    • Does not conflict with Tiller sheet names, column names, or metadata conventions
    • Leverages configuration resources (such as the Accounts sheet)
    • Works (or fails gracefully) when expected assets are not present
    • Does not significantly slow down the spreadsheet calculations
    • Follows the guidelines provided in Tiller’s Template Builder’s Reference
  • Includes documentation that accurately describes the function of the solution or workflow and provides an average spreadsheet user a high chance of success
  • Solution can be easily removed from a Tiller spreadsheet without significant rework
  • Does not store or transmit user data in any way
  • Does not include bound scripts
  • Does not endorse or promote products or services outside the Tiller Community
  • The solution is built in good faith

It can also be a signal to fellow builders that the solution is a good starting point upon which to further build or customize.

How to add the Tiller Community badge to your solution

If your solution meets the guidelines above, we encourage you to add the Tiller Community badge to your sheet.

Use this formula to pull in the badge image:

Use this formula immediately below it to link to your help content— change the URL to map to your support thread in the community:
=hyperlink("https://community.tillerhq.com/tag/labs-savings-budget","Learn & Discuss")
(I use an 8-point Overpass font with color #80889A.)

Here is an example of how it can look in the header of your sheet:

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