Is AutoCat Now Able to Split a (fixed, static amount) Transaction

I have several fairly simple splits (with fixed amounts); I have them “saved” and that functionality works fine for me manually to apply to a transaction to split it appropriately.

I have read a number of threads but am unclear:

Does Tiller’s functionality now allow Autocat to apply a saved split – when that split is fixed $ that doesn’t need any modifications | updating to the amounts, etc. (This is NOT the harder mortgage principal interest changing amount of the splits situation. :smile:)

I can’t seem to figure out how an Advanced Rule can be configured to grab and apply a working saved split, for example. Can it? Or, is there another trick?

Thanks all!


Hi @Larry

AutoCat specifically does not have a split feature, but the Transaction Split tool (for Google Sheets only right now) has a “Saved Splits” feature, which you can learn about here:

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