Is it possible to access Google Apps Scripts used by Tiller extension?

I get a notification on my phone every time a transaction occurs on my credit card. I am creating a solution to capture the data from these notifications and merge the transactions into my Tiller data, so that I can always have an up to date budget. (I am also doing this, because it is easier to categorize transactions when they occur, rather than waiting a few days for them to automatically sync from my bank.) As part of the solution I am creating, I would like to process the captured transactions in the same way AutoCat processes transactions in Tiller.

One of the things I appreciate most about Tiller is it’s commitment to transparency in the way formulas are used in the Tiller templates. It would be wonderful if users had similar access to the Google Apps Scripts used by the Tiller extensions. Is there any way I could see the Google Apps Scripts code used by AutoCat, so that I can more easily craft my solution to integrate captured transactions?

Hi @DannyD,

This sounds like a very interesting solution and I can totally see the value!

The code in our add-on isn’t open source so there isn’t a way to view it or access it at this time, but I will double check with our engineers on whether there might be a way to call the AutoCat run function from another Apps Script based code base that has access to the same sheet.