Google Apps Script Trigger Manual Transaction Creation

Howdy folks! I’m trying to make adding a manual transaction (Extensions > Tiller Money Feed > Tools > Add manual transaction) more mobile friendly by connecting it to a Google Form through Google Apps Script (GAS). I’m guessing I’m going to have to replicate what the extension does since GAS can’t trigger a browser extension (to the best of my knowledge), has anyone seen a breakdown of all the things that the “Add manual transaction” does so I can make sure my script checks all the boxes?

Any tips would be helpful. Thanks!

Hi @newericman - You might have seen some other posts on creative solutions people have come up with for interacting with Tiller on mobile, but here’s an idea by @Wizardofaz that was specifically related to entering a manual transaction and using a script to place it in the transactions sheet. I thought it was pretty interesting and maybe you’d find it useful.