Is SoFi Credit Card supported?

Hi @dsrtsng it’s still working alright for me copying this code and then pasting the result into my Tiller spreadsheet and then DataSplit text to columns on the highlighted pasted rows in Google Sheets.

The other day I did get an error in the console saying,

“Warning: Don’t paste code into the DevTools Console that you don’t understand or haven’t reviewed yourself. This could allow attackers to steal your identity or take control of your computer. Please type ‘allow pasting’ below and hit Enter to allow pasting.”

And had to type “allow pasting” to get it to work.

I"m on Google Chrome, other browsers may not work the same way.

I did exactly what you said - and it worked!! I have also seen the “allow pasting” prompt at times too.
I used Google Chrome instead of Edge, so maybe that was all I needed to change.
I really appreciate your solution, because SoFi Credit Card is the last major account that does not work natively with Tiller for me. It is weird that the SoFi checking and savings work just fine.
Thank you so much for this tool, as well as taking the time to help me too.